A Door Opens

Before we moved to our new place I purchased a small kiln (more like a test kiln) I could run since I couldn’t use my medium size Olympic kiln due to electricity connection issues in our garage. Alas, the little kiln remains unused. The garage is FILLED with boxes and various items from our move that we can barely fit our car in there. I’m looking forward to Spring when we can organize the garage and I can make an art corner for my kiln as well as my other art supplies. Yes, Spring because cleaning out your garage in the Fall/Winter in the Pacific Northwest is miserable. Cold and damp are two words that quickly come to mind.

As a result I’ve been honing my illustration skills. Lots of doodling with the hopes of some actual, completed works – gasp! I have more unfinished than finished work so this season I am determined to push myself further and complete something. I’m very sure this concept of completion is at odds with my sensitivity to failure. If I were to complete a piece I would be subject to my own criticism, whereas if it were not complete then I could say, “well, I’m still thinking it through or working on it.” Yep, let me introduce you to how my head works.

Here are some doodles.