No Rain Art Class

I’ve been pondering ways in which I could teach art online. I’m not convinced which type of art I will teach. I think one at a time is best – even though that is exactly the opposite of where my mind is going. I’ll likely start with an Intro to Mosaics Class. This type of class doesn’t seem to exist on the internet either because it’s unpopular (gasp!) or no one can properly get it done.

Originally, I thought about doing it old school and renting a space or joining an art co-op. I’ve done both in the past and they worked out fairly well, but I don’t want to move ALL my materials each time I teach. Not because I’m lazy, but because it would limit me to all the things I want to teach. And, there are many things.

I’m looking into Udemy and Teachable today. Next steps would be to set up a space to record the class as well as all the tech that is required in doing so. Less fun for me, but essential. Creative Bug one day would be totally cool…but, baby steps.

And, weather, you have been rendered irrelevant.