Working with What Ya Got

Lately I’ve been inspired to draw more, but have had difficulty deciding what to draw. Literally, sitting there – in my car, doing dishes, petting the dog, on the couch – staring into space wondering what to draw. I could name a million things I don’t want to draw because those concepts don’t resonate with me.

So, while flipping through several of my sketchbooks and pads (something I often do for inspiration) I decided to take my fails and work them into something I could at least live with. Haha. I came across a sketch I did last year of a fish with a girl sorta hugging it. I liked the face of the fish, but really hated how the girl was coming out – totally agreed with my past self on why I moved on from this drawing. I really liked the fish, though. There was something about how it was playfully looking over its shoulder that worked for me.

Here is the finished product after the overhaul. It is also the first time I drew a male character which I may do more often now.