Clouds and Sunbreaks

Finally, a completed piece. Not that I haven’t finished something. I kinda, sorta have, but not with a consistent illustrative style – the kind I’m trying to capture. It has been challenging to create a body of work that is consistent with my style of art. For years I’ve been creating sketches for my mosaics and I’ve learned that these sketches are where my style lies. Cultivating that style has been my effort this past year.

This drawing (Copics and Microns) made me feel like I’m getting closer to that goal.

Dress for Success

It never occurred to me that I would need to create a clothing style for my illustration characters. I know almost nothing about fashion nor do I care much about it so I really didn’t like this aspect of drawing. I felt this way until I discovered Pinterest! I was able to find styles of clothing that matched my own personal style. Whether or not I would ever wear these particular pieces of clothing didn’t matter – I just really liked them and they felt easy and familiar to draw.

I really liked this top. When I saw it I wanted to buy it for myself until I clicked on the link and saw the price tag – $249!! Uhm…I’ll just stick to drawing it. Haha.

No Rain Art Class

I’ve been pondering ways in which I could teach art online. I’m not convinced which type of art I will teach. I think one at a time is best – even though that is exactly the opposite of where my mind is going. I’ll likely start with an Intro to Mosaics Class. This type of class doesn’t seem to exist on the internet either because it’s unpopular (gasp!) or no one can properly get it done.

Originally, I thought about doing it old school and renting a space or joining an art co-op. I’ve done both in the past and they worked out fairly well, but I don’t want to move ALL my materials each time I teach. Not because I’m lazy, but because it would limit me to all the things I want to teach. And, there are many things.

I’m looking into Udemy and Teachable today. Next steps would be to set up a space to record the class as well as all the tech that is required in doing so. Less fun for me, but essential. Creative Bug one day would be totally cool…but, baby steps.

And, weather, you have been rendered irrelevant.

A Door Opens

Before we moved to our new place I purchased a small kiln (more like a test kiln) I could run since I couldn’t use my medium size Olympic kiln due to electricity connection issues in our garage. Alas, the little kiln remains unused. The garage is FILLED with boxes and various items from our move that we can barely fit our car in there. I’m looking forward to Spring when we can organize the garage and I can make an art corner for my kiln as well as my other art supplies. Yes, Spring because cleaning out your garage in the Fall/Winter in the Pacific Northwest is miserable. Cold and damp are two words that quickly come to mind.

As a result I’ve been honing my illustration skills. Lots of doodling with the hopes of some actual, completed works – gasp! I have more unfinished than finished work so this season I am determined to push myself further and complete something. I’m very sure this concept of completion is at odds with my sensitivity to failure. If I were to complete a piece I would be subject to my own criticism, whereas if it were not complete then I could say, “well, I’m still thinking it through or working on it.” Yep, let me introduce you to how my head works.

Here are some doodles.

Godzilla Considers His Options

When I was a kid I watched the “ABC 4:30 Movie” every week. Sometimes the theme was Alfred Hitchcock or Edgar Allen Poe. I was riveted by all of them but, my favorite was Godzilla Week! Godzilla was mysterious, fearless and intimidating – all while still having a sense of humor. The best scenes for me were when Godzilla mockingly laughed at his opponent. Other favorites were Mothra and Gamera. They were my heroes.

This watercolor and pen drawing is my little homage to the great Godzilla or ゴジラ, Gojira.


Seattle Pottery

Had a great day visiting Seattle Pottery Supply. I feel fortunate that this place is only about 20 minutes away from my home. It’s located in SoDo one of my favorite places in Seattle – gritty, raw and real. Sometimes Seattle can be so full of itself so this place is (not literally) a breath of fresh air. I’m sure it will change as Seattle expands outward, but for now I can enjoy it.


Stones and Motifs

Trying several motifs – some are my own, some are inspired by other artists (but, isn’t ALL work inspired by the work of others?).  I am most inspired by illustration artists like Lisa Congdon, Linzie Hunter, August Wren, Rebecca Green, Lilla Rogers…just to name a few. Although I can do digital work, I’m currently applying my illustration motifs to stone and ceramic. Speaking of ceramic, I’ll be heading out to Seattle Pottery on Thursday. I’ll be sure to take some pics