A Door Opens

Before we moved to our new place I purchased a small kiln (more like a test kiln) I could run since I couldn’t use my medium size Olympic kiln due to electricity connection issues in our garage. Alas, the little kiln remains unused. The garage is FILLED with boxes and various items from our move that we can barely fit our car in there. I’m looking forward to Spring when we can organize the garage and I can make an art corner for my kiln as well as my other art supplies. Yes, Spring because cleaning out your garage in the Fall/Winter in the Pacific Northwest is miserable. Cold and damp are two words that quickly come to mind.

As a result I’ve been honing my illustration skills. Lots of doodling with the hopes of some actual, completed works – gasp! I have more unfinished than finished work so this season I am determined to push myself further and complete something. I’m very sure this concept of completion is at odds with my sensitivity to failure. If I were to complete a piece I would be subject to my own criticism, whereas if it were not complete then I could say, “well, I’m still thinking it through or working on it.” Yep, let me introduce you to how my head works.

Here are some doodles.

Tombow Markers

I like Tombow markers, but I’m not sure I like them better than using watercolors. It definitely is much neater and I love the blending brush. I just ordered a waterbrush to use with these water-based “markers,” but I’m also looking forward to using the waterbrush with watercolors. Watercolors don’t travel well, particularly when you have to use …uhm…water. Hoping I can get similar affects with the Tombow as I do with watercolors. I drew this girl with flowers using Micron pen and Tombow markers.


Can’t Get Out of the Kitchen

Well, sorta figurative and kinda literal.

I am weirdly inspired to draw all things kitchen.  Not like stoves and dishwashers, but dishes, pots, bowls, tables. The objects that personalize a kitchen – really make it yours. I’m pretty sure I can analyze any person by observing the items found in their kitchen.  Personally, I like to surround myself with pottery from artists I respect and admire. Many of these talented folks can be found in my former home (of 3 years), North Carolina. BEST pottery anywhere because they have the BEST clay anywhere – seriously. You could make pottery from the stuff you dig out of your backyard. It’s one of the few things I miss about living there. But, it’s a big one.

My Favorite Space

I like to cook. It’s not my favorite thing to do, but it’s not completely awful when i do. I do love being in a kitchen though. I’m currently working on improving this space since much of it is outdated. Sometimes the outdatey-ness of it makes it appear humble and my pieces of art, pottery and plants are at home in its sincerity. More importantly, the kitchen is where the morning begins – with coffee!



All The Spaces

I think trying to fill an entire page is fun, but at the same time it can be challenging – keeping each of the images balanced with each other while filling in the parts (like with stars and little butterflies!) that are not. Really, it’s just fun to keep on doodling throughout the page…practice, practice, practice. Still, I tend to focus on “getting it right”.  I have 2 sketchbooks – one that let’s me do whatever without judgement. That sketchbook NO one ever sees. haha. The other I share with my family and on Instagram – but never FB. I haven’t convinced myself why this even matters -where or whether or not I share. No one really cares. I don’t mean that in a negative way. I mean that people have their quick opinions and then they move on with what they really care about – their own lives…maybe their own art.