Clouds and Sunbreaks

Finally, a completed piece. Not that I haven’t finished something. I kinda, sorta have, but not with a consistent illustrative style – the kind I’m trying to capture. It has been challenging to create a body of work that is consistent with my style of art. For years I’ve been creating sketches for my mosaics and I’ve learned that these sketches are where my style lies. Cultivating that style has been my effort this past year.

This drawing (Copics and Microns) made me feel like I’m getting closer to that goal.

Can’t Get Out of the Kitchen

Well, sorta figurative and kinda literal.

I am weirdly inspired to draw all things kitchen. ┬áNot like stoves and dishwashers, but dishes, pots, bowls, tables. The objects that personalize a kitchen – really make it yours. I’m pretty sure I can analyze any person by observing the items found in their kitchen. ┬áPersonally, I like to surround myself with pottery from artists I respect and admire. Many of these talented folks can be found in my former home (of 3 years), North Carolina. BEST pottery anywhere because they have the BEST clay anywhere – seriously. You could make pottery from the stuff you dig out of your backyard. It’s one of the few things I miss about living there. But, it’s a big one.