Godzilla Considers His Options

When I was a kid I watched the “ABC 4:30 Movie” every week. Sometimes the theme was Alfred Hitchcock or Edgar Allen Poe. I was riveted by all of them but, my favorite was Godzilla Week! Godzilla was mysterious, fearless and intimidating – all while still having a sense of humor. The best scenes for me were when Godzilla mockingly laughed at his opponent. Other favorites were Mothra and Gamera. They were my heroes.

This watercolor and pen drawing is my little homage to the great Godzilla or ゴジラ, Gojira.


Tombow Markers

I like Tombow markers, but I’m not sure I like them better than using watercolors. It definitely is much neater and I love the blending brush. I just ordered a waterbrush to use with these water-based “markers,” but I’m also looking forward to using the waterbrush with watercolors. Watercolors don’t travel well, particularly when you have to use …uhm…water. Hoping I can get similar affects with the Tombow as I do with watercolors. I drew this girl with flowers using Micron pen and Tombow markers.


Green and Blue

I’m simply not going to be able to paint anything in green and blue without being reminded of “my” Seattle Seahawks. When you live in the Seattle area, the association is nearly impossible to avoid! This particular painting is from my watercolor sketchbook.  New thing for me…little splashes of paint add to the night sky